What is Odd Purse?

Odd Purse is the creative fusion of three women whose aim is to discover new ways to express our passions.

The name actually stems from Rina's neverending search for a perfect purse. Along the way, she's found many interesting purses that she's tried and retired. Her idea was to repurpose or recycle her gently used unique purses that others might like. From that, Odd Purse has evolved into a pursuit of creative expression utilizing found and created objects that pull together into something interesting and desirable. 

From mixed media art, to sketching, to jewelry, to sculpture, to purses and scarves. Follow us as we unleash our creative pursuits and share them with the world.

Together this trio, including Toneeke Runinwater Henderson, Rina Henderson, and Jessica Henderson, join their creative minds to present you with Odd Purse. You just never know what you might find!